Pg after sterilization!

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Pg after sterilization!
Thu, 12-30-2010 - 6:15pm

Yes, I am in fact pg after supposedly being sterilized.

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Thu, 12-30-2010 - 6:52pm
Just wanted to say welcome to the board!

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Thu, 12-30-2010 - 7:30pm

Welcome! That's quite the surprise. You seem to be handling it with grace though. Everyone swears to me that it is easier to go from 2 to 3 than 1 to 2. Let's hope they are telling the truth!

~~Torri, Xander 10/20/05, Sebastian 10/07/09 and Baby Surprise coming August 2011

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Thu, 12-30-2010 - 7:50pm
Yay, so excited to be in the same EC again!! Welcome Elizabeth :)

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Thu, 12-30-2010 - 10:11pm
Oh my! I think I would go nuts if I got pregnant after sterilization! If they confirmed the sterilization with the dye test it sounds like a lawsuit to me. But that could be my hormones talking, hehe. We are having a surprise pregnancy also but not quite as big of a surprise as you guys are. DH is getting a mandatory (because I said so) vasectomy after this baby and I'm still terrified that it won't be enough. LOL

Welcome, regardless! I hope you have a H&H 9 months!

BTW, your baby is adorable!

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Fri, 12-31-2010 - 12:08pm
Wow! Welcome. I hope that you start to feel more excited about the baby, but I can totally understand your shock. Hope you have a H&H 9 months!


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Sat, 01-01-2011 - 11:52pm
CONGRATS! i am PG with an IUD. I think God (or Nature or whatever) truly has a plan for us. These will be amazing babies!!! They better make a difference in a the world if they so stubbornly made themselves existant!!! lol.
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Mon, 01-03-2011 - 8:14am

Hi Elizabeth,


Congratulations on expecting your big surprise and welcome to the August 2011 Expecting Club!

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