Welcome Carlee Mae 7/15!

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Welcome Carlee Mae 7/15!
Sun, 07-17-2011 - 11:07pm

If you get through this whole thing....brownie points!!

So for those of you that have been following whats going on with me. You know I was having some issues with blood pressure the past few weeks and was on bedrest. Well it turned out the blood pressure wasn't even the issue, she came early anyway. It all started monday (7/11). I started having some uncomfortable contractions but nothing I couldn't tolerate. As the week went on it became almost impossible to handle. They were coming every 3-5 minutes and they were excruciating. I made 4...yes 4, trips to the hospital in the days before she was born. My cervix was barely making progress even though I was truly in labor. I stalled at 1cm 80% effaced for 2 days. The contractions were so bad they knocked me out with stadol because I was sobbing in pain. After 10 hours in the hospital between wednesday night and thursday I dilated to 2cm. Sent home once again in pain and completely frustrated. I got home around 4 on thursday and just laid in bed all day. I couldn't walk, couldn't sleep, the pain was horrific and I couldn't understand why nothing was happening. They didn't want to MAKE anything happen since I was still early and I totally understood, but it was getting ridiculous. DH came home from work around 10:30 and picked DD up from my parents. At about 2am I couldn't take anymore, I was sobbing and started bleeding a little. I had my mom take me to the hospital in case I would just be sent home again. I wanted DH to get some sleep and didn't want DD to have to go back to my parents. I couldn't even make it up the steps to the door of the hospital. They got me a wheelchair and just rushed me back to L&D. I was screaming in pain and was praying this was the real deal. I couldn't imagine being told after all I had been through that I had once again made no progress. They checked me and I was 4cm and 100% effaced, it was happening!!! DH came to the hospital and my dad stayed with DD. The contractions were coming hard and fast. They checked me 2 hours later and I was 7cm. I wanted an epidural so bad but the doctor who did them was coming from home, I had no idea how long it would take. About 45 minutes later I knew I had run out of time. I read up on labor a lot this pregnancy. Just from my reaction and what I was feeling I knew I was in the hardest stage, transition, and it was happening fast. I remember begging for the epidural, saying I couldn't do it. They checked me again 30 minutes later and I was complete. No turning back now, she was coming with no pain relief at all. They broke my water and I immedietely had to push. 15 minutes later she was born, an amazing, tiny, but perfect baby girl!!!! Carlee Mae was born at 6:41am, only 4 hours after arriving at the hospital. She weighed 4lbs 15oz and was 18in long. DH said I actually scared him, he said he had never seen me like that. I just pushed and pushed and held nothing back. I didn't tear, didn't poop (haha), and although it was extremely painful, I am so INSANELY proud of myself. The recovery has been one of the easiest things ever and I already feel almost 100%. She had no problems, lungs are fully developed and although she's small she is completely healthy. I'm so relieved and so grateful. DD1 has been so great with her, I am so thankful for my two amazing girls. Life couldn't get any better!!

I'll try and add pictures later, my picture attachment thing on here isn't

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Mon, 07-18-2011 - 1:37am
What a Wonderwoman you are. Congrats to you and your family. So glad to hear Carlee is healthy and doing great. Also great news you are feeling good. Thanks.for sharing and can't wait to see the pictures.
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Mon, 07-18-2011 - 2:06am
Oh and congrats on your VBAC and non-mediated birth!!
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Mon, 07-18-2011 - 2:52am
Congratulations! Little Carlee was very anxious to arrive! Your story gives me hope, I'm attempting a med free birth. Sooooo glad her lungs were good and she is healthy!!! Can't wait to pics :)

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Mon, 07-18-2011 - 10:36am
Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby girl! Welcome to the world, Carlee!

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Mon, 07-18-2011 - 4:27pm
Congratulations! Love the name Carlee and glad you are recovering so well :) Can't wait to see pictures of your little girl!
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Mon, 07-18-2011 - 4:44pm
What tiny perfect package! Glad you finally found relief and that she is here safe and sound, great job!!
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Mon, 07-18-2011 - 8:33pm
Wow, congrats on a healthy little girl (and bravo to you on that labor!)

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Mon, 07-18-2011 - 9:39pm

Congrats on your new arrival!

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