First appt today!

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First appt today!
Tue, 05-03-2011 - 8:49pm

had my first appt today. Got to see sonogram pics, which was a first for my mom (who came along with me). I'm a little farther along than I thought, I'm 9 weeks.

They gave me a due date of Dec 6th. Oddly this was the initial due date they gave me for my son 8 years ago, then at the "big" sonogram they changed it to Dec 9th, which is the date he was actually born!

They took 6 vials of blood, did a urine preg test, then I also had to give more urine in the lab for who-knows-what! I also booked a second OBG/YN appt, the "big" sonogram appt and also the phone number for Genetics as I'm 37 years old. My 7 year old was born with two birth defects (cleft lip & hypospadius) so they would like to do an amnio during this pregnancy.

Overall I'm feeling a bit better having seen the sonogram and heart beating :) All this nausea will be worth it in the end!


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Tue, 05-03-2011 - 10:32pm

Sounds like a great appt!

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Wed, 05-04-2011 - 1:32pm
Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Love the appts to look forward to.
Best of luck!
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Wed, 05-04-2011 - 2:11pm

I'm 36 years old so I can relate! :smileywink:

What a good appointment!