Anyone Planning a Babymoon?

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Anyone Planning a Babymoon?
Wed, 06-29-2011 - 3:32pm

For couples with a wee one on the way, a new trend has them packing -- for a getaway.

In the vein of push presents (a gift given to the mom-to-be for her, um, laboring efforts) and dadchelor parties (a male-bonding celebration for the dad-to-be for, um, being the dad), a babymoon is a vacation a couple takes just before they’re going to have the baby. It’s a chance for some one-on-one time before that adorable third party joins the mix

Anyone planning a babymoon?

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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 5:21pm
My DH and I kind of just did something like that this weekend. Our church was having a marriage retreat in Palm Springs. We also never went on a honeymoon (just got married last Nov), so were considering this like a honeymoon of sorts.
I would like to do some kind of getaway, maybe just one more weekend away, not too far away, in the next few months though.
My DH wants to go camping & fishing but I don't think that really counts! LOL

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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 8:28pm
I would love to, but I don't see it happwning. We honeymooned in Jamaica and there were several couples at our resort babymooning.
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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 9:27pm
I was told by my doctor not to go anywhere too far away once I'm getting up there towards my due date. I'm happy with just my push gift. What we have decided to do is take mini road trips or day trips during the summer just for us. Like drive to New York or Virginia and leave dd with her ganma lol
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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 10:28pm
DH and I usually do a lot of camping trips during the summer so we'll be getting plenty of those in. We usually take one big family one towards the end of August which also so happens to be our anniversary (6 this year). But we were also thinking of taking a weekend to ourselves and going to a nice bed and breakfast somewhere close but still out of town. Our camping trips always include family so this will be nice to getaway with just us :)
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Thu, 06-30-2011 - 1:55am
Aside from going to the beach and the pool and visiting my parents in NY no big trips. I won't qualify for FMLA so I need to save vacation days.


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Thu, 06-30-2011 - 10:36am

not this time around we did with our first and our third child kind of. With our first we went to nashville, TN and it was so much fun. My second boy was born early so we didnt get a chance. Then with my third we took the family to the Great Wolf lodge in Sandusky, Ohio. I think I scared the waitresses though when she found out I was close to nine months pregnant but it was fun. This year we just cannot afford it with our stove going out and our van being in the shop now for over a month and a half.

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Thu, 06-30-2011 - 11:11am

We are discussing it at the moment. We are thinking of possibly going away in Sept/early Oct to the Dominican. Though it's not for sure yet. I just don't know how I would enjoy myself being HUGE and unable walk around much. We like to tour around and do excursions and stuff. I would enjoy time by the pool, but DH gets ansy after a while.