Check in....what's new with you & baby?

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Check in....what's new with you & baby?
Fri, 08-24-2012 - 12:22pm
I know we are all busy. Just thought I'd throw some questions out to catch up....

What is baby's latest achievement? New tooth, food, pulling up, word, holding their cup/bottle, etc

Anything you need advice on or want opinions about concerning baby?

Do you have a recent picture to share? is work/school/sah?

Anything particular you are looking forward to? (fall, a special event.....)

What's dinner tonight?

Jill, mommy to Chloe, almost 5, Oliver, 3 & baby Ella born 12-1-11 !
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A check in is great! I do check this board every few days but not much going on :smileyhappy:

Let's see...Dillon is a little mover and shaker for sure! He's drinking out of a straw in a sippy cup, he will not let us feed him baby food anymore he only wants to pick up his own finger food, he's crawling into everything and climbing up the stairs. He's not talking yet but he's a great mimic and will clap, blow raspberries, wiggle his tongue and laugh back when we do it to him. He has two bottom teeth and one top tooth just broke through and I can see the other top tooth wanting to come out too.

I'm also working on getting him to STTN. He's usually in bed by 9pm, wakes once (usually within an hour of falling asleep) & then we have to wake him at 6am to leave for school/work. But the last few days he's been restless and waking more often, wanting to be snuggled. I have terrible wrist pain (De Quervain's) and having issues holding him so nursing and holding Dillon is a challenge.

Work is what it is (I work for a catalog company, for 15 yrs) and I wish that I could be a SAHM and just sew and sell more on Etsy. But this gives me the 401K, insurance and extra money...maybe someday.

Looking forward to Halloween and in the process of figuring out costumes. I usually make them but not sure I'll have the time this year!

My DH has school tonight so it's just me and the kids. I'll probably just do hot dogs, mac & cheese and green beans for them.

Here is my little lumpkin! He's now 9 months and a few days :smileyhappy:



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So glad you posted this!  I was thinking the board has been pretty slow lately...


Ali Claire is full on crawling around like crazy!  I never realized how many small toys/toy parts DS had until just recently.  Baby proofing was definitely easier the first time!  She has also started pulling up so we've had to lower her crib.  She can stand pretty well so I'm a little nervous she is going to be an early walker like her brother.  I'm just not quite ready for that yet!

The main difficulties we have been having are getting on a schedule.  She is finally starting to take naps at about the same times every day, etc., but nighttime is still a battle.  She goes to sleep just fine, and I guess I shouldn't be complaining b/c I've finally gotten her to only wake up once a night, but I am still working on getting her to STTN.  We have been doing modified CIO which has worked since she's gone from waking every three hours to only once a night, so at least it's progress...

I'll work on posting a new picture soon...

I just started back to work this week. I am a college professor so am fortunate to have a super flexible schedule - I teach half my classes online.  The times I am on campus my mom is watching AC, so at least that works out well.  I am actually thrilled to be back at work.  I had no idea how much I missed it!  Just nice to discuss something other than poop and spit up. :smileyhappy:

Not sure I'm looking forward to it, but we are in the process of moving.  We finally sold our house and close on it and the new house Sept. 26th.  I am definitely not looking forward to packing and actually moving, but am looking forward to more space and living on the other side of town (everything we do is there so right now I drive a lot).  We plan to be in the new house until the kids are out of college, so it is exciting to think that it is the only house they will ever know!

We had tacos tonight - yum!

Hope to hear from lots of you and maybe we can get some more activity on the board again!


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Ella's latest? Waving sometimes & picking up little nibbles of small food and feeding herself. She is pretty good at rasperries too. Oh she holds her bottle for water/juice sometimes when she is reclined on you. Shes still lazy gross motor wise but does sit pretty well alone now.

Any other babies not inerested in moving around? Ella doesnt even want to bear weight on her legs. Shes just very content and laid back.

I have tons of pics on my cell. Next time I use an actual computer I will post.

Im sahm. Getting ready for a big change as my oldest starts kindergarten Monday....sniff. Im back to school. 1 on campus 2x a week and 2 online. So far so good.

Im looking forward to a consignment sale in a cpl weeks to sell last fall & winter stuff & get new stuff! And fall for sure. Just the weather & festivities are so nice & family friendly!

Dinner is prob going to be turkey tacos or chick breast, baked broc & taters.
Jill, mommy to Chloe, almost 5, Oliver, 3 & baby Ella born 12-1-11 !