Crabby and feel like venting! Want to join me?

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Crabby and feel like venting! Want to join me?
Mon, 07-11-2011 - 2:47pm

I've been crabby for a couple days and feel like doing a little pointless venting. Feel free to add your own if you're in the mood!

Nothing tastes good but I feel like I have to eat. So far, I've tried pasta,

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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 3:34pm
I know how you feel on the eating. I'm struggling to gain weight (after all the weight I lost I am just now, at 15 weeks, back to my pre pg weight!), and just dont want to eat!
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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 10:11pm
I'm friggin' SICK of my husband complaining about whatever I cook, but refusing to make any suggestions or to choose between two options (e.g. mashed potatoes or baked?). It's either not enough salad, or too much. I can always make pasta or chicken or perogies, but no, he's not in the mood for pasta or chicken or perogies. Well, he didn't want to eat much breakfast because he wasn't sure if I was going to make something. Oh, I made something? He's not in the mood. He'll just have toast.

You know what? You can just STARVE for all I care.

Also, there are two other people in this house, and neither of them care where things go. Stop being so quick to lay the blame on me for everything that's out of place. I didn't put your stupid garbage in with your stupid socks, although come to think of it, the idea is pretty good. However, if it were me, I'd use the kitchen garbage.