Due December 5th

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Due December 5th
Sat, 03-26-2011 - 7:12am

Hi everyone! I'm new to the board and am having a December baby!!! I've used a few regular pregnancy tests with the dye but had only gotten faint lines and wasn't sure, but this morning I did a digital test and it said yes! We're so excited and I'm looking forward to chatting and sharing with all of you over the next 9 months :)


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Sat, 03-26-2011 - 10:09am

I wanted to wish you a Happy and Healthy 9 Mos!


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Sat, 03-26-2011 - 12:36pm
Congrats! I'm excited too... Still can't believe I'm here. I've taken so many tests... Just bought a couple digitals so I could see the word 'pregnant'

Michelle due 2/12/10 w/#4

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Sat, 03-26-2011 - 1:55pm
I took quite a few as well and after a bunch of faint lines I just wanted to see the definite Yes :)