It's not assault if it's your husband, right? :)

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It's not assault if it's your husband, right? :)
Mon, 02-13-2012 - 12:50pm
Ugh... So yesterday Isaac's feeding schedule got thrown off so he'd be eating at 8, midnight, 3, and then 6. So my husband, at 10:30, says, let's wake him and give him a two oz bottle. I said bad idea, he insisted he knew better than I do (mind you he had no prior experience with infants and I have lots). I'm one of those "one warning, if you don't listen, well, guess you'll only do it once" people. You know, rather than say "Don't touch the cactus" 8 times I say it once, you touch the cactus, then I pull needles out of your hand while saying, "Guess you won't do that again, now will you?"
Last night was a NIGHTMARE. Pitched a fit because his sleep was interrupted, wouldn't go backto sleep, woke up every couple hours afterward...
Husband's standing in the kitchen with me at two AM saying sorry...
Guess you won't do that again, now will you?
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LOL! I hear you. My husband has been less than enthusiastic to learn to swaddle Nathan b/c he thinks it looks unbearable. I've told him over and over that it's actually comforting to babies and I've offered to show him how to do it multiple times. Last week I had a work event in the evening and I knew I'd be past Nathan's bedtime so I offered one last time to show him how to do it. Nope, he didn't take me up on it. Came home and sure enough DH says every time he tried to put him down he just fussed and fussed so he had been holding him for the last 2 hours straight. I take him, swaddle him, and down he goes without a fight. Finally my DH says ok, ok, teach me how to do it. It took all I had not to stick my thumbs in my ears, stick out my tongue and say nana-nana-boo-boo, I told you so. ARGH, he drives me crazy sometimes! :smileyhappy:

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He sounds like my husband, but my husband has at least learned pretty well not to touch the cactus.

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There's a reason they say, "never wake a sleeping baby." Hope he learned his lesson. ;)

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