Name brand vs store brand diapers?

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Name brand vs store brand diapers?
Sun, 09-25-2011 - 4:05pm
Hi all, first time mom here. A question I have is, what are the differences between name brand vs store brand/value diapers?
Pros and cons?
Do you recommend a certain brand?

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Sun, 09-25-2011 - 5:22pm
I have read from reviews on the Target website that their store brand diapers work just as well...
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Sun, 09-25-2011 - 6:12pm

I think it kind of depends on the type/brand and your child.

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Sun, 09-25-2011 - 7:36pm
Well, this is one of those things that everyone is going to have their own opinion about. For me, I really like the Pampers newborn diapers. After that I usually switch to Huggies and Kirkland brands (Costco brand). I like the Kirkland brand a little bit better than the Huggies. They are comparable in price.

I used to like the Target brand, but they seemed to have changed a couple of years ago and after that I didn't like them as well.

I personally hate Luvs (I think they smell funny) and don't care for other store brands.
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Sun, 09-25-2011 - 7:56pm
We generally use Pampers with our DS. We tried Huggies, but found that he leaked with them. I'm pretty sure the leaks were because he has thinner legs (especially as a newborn) and Huggies seemed to be made for chunkier-legged babies. Most of the time we still use Pampers, but will occasionally use the Target brand if money is running tight. The Target brand work really well for us. They don't hold *quite* as much as the Pampers do, but I don't really have to change Sean any more than when he wears Pampers. What I try to do is if I have some Pampers left and I buy thte target brand, I try to use the Target ones during the day and the Pampers at night.
But, every child is different, and you'll more than likely have to "experiment" and find the one that is right for your baby. Also, if your baby has sensitive skin, that may limit which diapers you can use, also.

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Sun, 09-25-2011 - 9:59pm

For my 6 year old, we mostly used Pampers but switched to Walmart brand when she was in between sizes. I never noticed a difference back then and they had the nice stretchy tabs. This time around, we're going to explore cheaper brands. I have some from Walmart, Target and Luvs. I got 2 packs of Little Ones (?) brand from a friend and I have no clue who makes them. As Olivia grew, we switched to Huggies Overnights because she was peeing through the Pampers.

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Sun, 09-25-2011 - 11:26pm

Target Brand are the best store brand. I used pampers for a long time and a friend told me about them...I think they are actually better than pampers. I've tried Walmart brand and hated them, also I don't know if you have a BJ's around you (like SAM's or Costco) and they have a berkley and Jensen brand diaper I also hated.

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Mon, 09-26-2011 - 11:50am

It depends on how sensitive the kid is.

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Mon, 09-26-2011 - 5:47pm

Costco Kirkland diapers and wipes!!!



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Tue, 09-27-2011 - 9:22am

I use to use pampers but once I had 2 kids in diapers I switched to parent choice its the walmart brand...I like it more then pampers and it is way cheaper like 13.97 a box....I think the off brand are sometimes better then the brands. same with wipes I use parent choice and they are just the same as the other wipes