something i had to look back and laugh at

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something i had to look back and laugh at
Thu, 11-17-2011 - 7:11pm
So during the weekend my dh and I went out for dinner with another couple to celebrate dh birthday. So I figured if I could get my ring on my finger then hey I will just wear it. So I got the ring on, we went to ruth chris and on the ride home my contractions were 8 mins apart. Figured if I went into labor I better take the ring off, well it was stuck! My fingers were sooooo fat.

So the romantic night ended with me sitting on the toilet with my hand above my head. Dh pulled out the KY jelly omg, dish washer liquid, hand soap and windex! To make the night more sexy we added a big bowl of ice. Let's just say my hand, ky and ice was not so sexy this nite lol

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Fri, 11-18-2011 - 12:41am

Oooh, Jayla, you naughty girl.

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Fri, 11-18-2011 - 12:48am

LOL...our conversations between dh and I recently include how big my hemmoroid has gotten...not the sexiest talks.



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Fri, 11-18-2011 - 11:00am

HAHAHAHAHA! Too funny. :smileyvery-happy: BTW, glad you got your ring off!