toddler bed bumper ?

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toddler bed bumper ?
Thu, 09-01-2011 - 8:12pm

Does any moms out there use some type of bumper to prevent their kids from hitting their head on the wall or on the side of their beds?

My son is going to start sleeping in a toddler bed when the new baby arrives but he likes to roll around and toss when he is sleeping so I am concerned he may get stuck in between the gap of the bed and the wall? or he may hurt his head on the of his toddler bed so does

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Mon, 09-19-2011 - 6:12am

I don’t think there are any bumpers available for toddler beds. You might try the bumpers you get for cribs. There’s a variety of individual bumpers you can buy on You might want to consider slat bumpers or body pillows.

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Fri, 09-02-2011 - 9:28am

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I wanted to share a few links with you to the toddler boards here on iVillage.

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