what are you eating everyday??

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what are you eating everyday??
Fri, 08-05-2011 - 5:35am

hey ladies . . i was just wondering what you guys are having on daily basis as in i am having a fruit without miss everyday. .

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Fri, 08-05-2011 - 7:08am
I dont know how beneficial it is for the baby but I am having chocolate milk every day. Yum!


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Fri, 08-05-2011 - 9:05am
There really isn't a specific item that I attempt to eat every day besides water of course. I try to eat some type of fruit and veggie during the day. Depends on if I recently went to the grocery store
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Fri, 08-05-2011 - 10:19am
I'm trying to be better at drinking 2 glasses of milk every day.
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Fri, 08-05-2011 - 11:03am
I've been BAD about eating healthier. I'm not generally very big on fruit as it is, but usually I'm okay with steamed veggies. However, I am just so unappetized by them that I'll choke them down during dinner because I need to but other than that, I'm not eating them by choice, that's for sure!
What am I eating?
Hamburgers. I am totally craving beef.
Kashi Heart to Heart crackers with Laughing Cow garlic cheese spread. I'll serve it with a green apple and get my fruit that way ;)
I don't like the taste of milk but have been drinking a glass of it with Ovaltine every few days.
Yogurt with Honey Bunches of Oats or raisin bread for breakfast.
For dinner, my DH & I take turns cooking. This week we had spaghetti, chicken fajitas, fish tacos and macaroni & cheese with turkey burgers.
And of course I do take my multi-vitamin every day and an extra calcium too.

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Fri, 08-05-2011 - 6:49pm

There isn't really anything I have been trying to eat everyday.

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Fri, 08-05-2011 - 7:12pm

I just try to eat a little of ALL the food groups a day. lol.