Did any of the babies have reactions to their two month shots?

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Did any of the babies have reactions to their two month shots?
Fri, 02-17-2012 - 11:10am

Maddie had her immunizations on Wednesday and was very sleepy and cranky the first day.

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No, I didn't see any reaction at all to the shots, he was just the same as usual that day. I did give him a little bit of baby Tylenol right afterwards though, just in case his legs were sore.

Dillon has those little crying outbursts sometimes in his sleep, almost like he's having a bad dream.

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Nathan got his first thing in the morning and was very sleepy that morning and a little fussy in the afternoon. Every time we changed his diaper he cried so I think his legs were a little sore. By the next day he was back to normal.

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My daughter often cries in her sleep. I think its vad dreams which of course hurts my heart. She got her shots today and she slept right after. Now she is a bit fussy and seems to only be happy when nursing.


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Isaac could care less about his shots. A quick scream that's more mad that anything and he's done. No reaction other than that.
Also he whines or cries in his sleep occasionally. I think he comes partially awake and doesn't want to be so gets upset then falls back asleep...
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I have to take William Tuesday so I'll let you know. DH did all of Olivia's after the first round because I cried more than she did. I've been dreading this for a while.

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Ella slept the afternoon after hers & prob 90% of the next day. She slept through norm feeding intervals & I did have to wake her. She acted tender legged too so I was just very careful. I figure as many actual vaccines they get their little bodies are working overtime to make antibodies & its hard work!
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Aubrey got a slight fever and was cranky later in the day but nothing some infant tylenol didn't cure. She also occasionally cries in her sleep but I think most of the time its gas pains.
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Mayhem had a touch of fever and was sleepy and sore and clingy -- not too cranky.