Some questions about formula preparation and storage...

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Some questions about formula preparation and storage...
Tue, 01-31-2012 - 2:27pm

I am nursing Maddie 90-95% of the time but we do give her formula if we are at a restaurant, kids sporting event, etc. and I can't time things just right :)

We had mainly been using the ready to feed bottles by Enfamil that were sold as 2 ounce bottles.

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Does formula change the baby bowel movements? Rj is two months and he's only had breast milk. I want to leave formula when I'm back to work just in case
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If I have to take a bottle somewhere and I know I won't have access to water, I just fill it up with however much water I'll need. I've bought the "to-go" packets and just add however I need based on the amount of water I've put it. The to-go packets are kind of pricey though (although very convenient) so I just may start scooping out how much I need from the regular container and putting it in some tupperware or something.

Jayla: Nathan gets a bottle or 2 at DC, depending on how much pumped BM she has. It's changed his stools a little bit. They're mostly just a different color, but he does have less bowel movements than when he was strictly on BM. He doesn't seem particularly bothered by it though. I think it's more of an issue for us b/c when he does have a poop there's just more of it. :smileyhappy:

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Olivia preferred cold bottles (yay!) so I just made them all ahead and kept them in the fridge (I stuck with the 24 hour rule). William will only take warm bottle so I just use warm tap water. I have yet to go somewhere without access to warm water or that I'll be unable to feed him with in the hour. If I'll be feeding him in less than an hour, I just make a bottle and take it. Otherwise, I put the formula into the bottle and add water later.

Jayla-formula can make it more difficult form them to poop because it's iron fortified and it also means they go less frequently.