<---------blushing...........I tried castor oil!

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<---------blushing...........I tried castor oil!
Thu, 12-23-2010 - 3:05am

LOL ok aside from it being the most awful experience I have ever had it didn't start my labor!!!

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I've heard mixed reviews, but mostly bad, about castor oil, but the other thing is, there are two things called castor oil, and the difference is critical: one is the oil of the castor bean. the other is a petroleum distillate that should not be taken internally.

If you are up against an imposed time limit on your gestation (which shouldn't come before 42 weeks so long as baby and you are fine, but it happens frequently in the US anyway) and hope to get things rolling before you have to battle about it, supposedly frequent intercourse (getting those prostaglandins from the semen onto your cervix, and leaving them there) is supposed to help ripen the cervix, and LOTS of long-session(like 30 minutes at a time!)



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