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Mon, 01-17-2011 - 9:50am

Shelby Leigh made her entrance into the world on Monday, Jan. 10.

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Wow, Amazing, Jennifer!

Congratulations on getting through it all and on having an undrugged birth (except the pitocin) as you wanted! And yes, I had a Pit induction with my first which only got to 4 cm before becoming a cesarean, and yes, birthing my 10 lb son the next time, at home, without meds, hurt less... so you are right in thinking that if you could get through it with Pit, getting through it hopefully without Pit the next time, should be easier by comparison! It's good that you were going into labor spontaneously first, also, though... my experience was Pit on a totally unready body, and that's not something I would recommend to anyone, either.

Hooray for your supportive team! It is so true that transition does make it generally impossible to "keep it all together" and for some reason, people often want to downplay it, as mere "discomfort"! Expecting just discomfort really sets us up to freak out when transition hits and suddenly there's no such thing as manageable anymore. Both my last two births (which were homebirths), when transition hit, I experienced what you did: feeling like I was only surviving it because I had no other alternative! LOL

But as you said, to those of us who choose it, we generally find it well worthwhile, and tend to want to do it the same way again next time, despite the pain. Congratulations and enjoy your babymoon with your precious daughter!

Will love hearing more about her and maybe seeing pics, when you get to where you have the time and energy! :)



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GREAT birth story! I wish I could project this on the wall tomorrow when I'm being induced, if I make it to the point of needing pitocin. Good job on sticking to your guns and skipping the epidural. Congrats on your little girl!!
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Congrats! Drug-free is definitely doable and I didn;t even plan for it...just had no choice since Sebastian decided to arrive super-quick

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Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby girl! Welcome to the world, Shelby!

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Congratulations on the birth of Shelby!

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Congratulations on little Shelby, so excited to hear your story. She was born on my sons birthday!!! I hope you are doing well and getting some