Back to L&D- baby is breeched

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Back to L&D- baby is breeched
Thu, 01-06-2011 - 11:13pm
I want for my follow-up for my recent visit to the L&D on Monday. My BP was still a bit high and I still haven't made in progress and the baby is very high. The midwife sent me to the L&D to track my BP and to have a sonogram to determine the size of the baby and my fluid level. The sonogram shows the baby is breeched. I'm scheduled for a version tomorrow morning and if he doesn't turn they will do a c-section. Please pray that he turns head down.


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Thu, 01-06-2011 - 11:42pm

O wow hun. That sucks to hear. I hope they are able to turn your lil bundle of joy. I'll be praying for ya!

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Fri, 01-07-2011 - 10:21am
I will be thinking of you. I hope the version is successful. Please update when you can.


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Fri, 01-07-2011 - 12:16pm

Hi there,

I haven't posted since the beginning of my pregnancy but was very active on Ivillage while having difficulty conceiving (my second). I just wanted to share that my baby (who was head down at my 32 & 34 week appts) turned frank breech by 36 weeks. I just had a version on Wednesday and it was successful! It was very short but intense. I think they had her turned in 3 minutes and said it went "textbook". They don't use drugs here to relax the uterus so I had to do some major breathing to get through it.