Birth anxiety

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Birth anxiety
Wed, 12-29-2010 - 10:47am



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Hi MrsGregory! Nice to hear from you again!

There are lots and lots of moms who have had more than one cesarean, who can comfort you and allay your fears, here and other places on iVillage. There are also moms who have had VBACs (myself included), who can share inspiration and support.

You are probably aware that the ACOG has now come out with the stance that a prior cesarean alone, is not an indication for a repeat cesarean in absence of other reasons to have one, and that cesareans



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No advice here, but I think it's normal to get nervous this close to the big day! Maybe you could have a talk with your OB at your next appointment so s/he can help put your fears to rest, or if you find you're really terrified of another C, you could talk last minute VBAC. I can relate to fear of complications from interventions - it's the reason I'm choosing to go drug free this time, with as few medical people touching me as possible. It's really not that likely that you will experience complications though, I don't think. I would just talk to as many women who've experienced multiples Cs as possible as reassurance! I hope you can go into the hospital next week feeling better about this!
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Hi MrsGregory!

Nothing beats the nerves of an impending surgery, no matter what kind it is!

I just had my 3rd c-section on Tuesday and I was a little less nervous this time, or not near as nervous as I was when I had my 2nd!

Do what is best for you! If you absolutely feel a VBAC is something you could be comfortable with, then go for it! DH and I just have never felt comfortable with the thought of labor after C-section.

During this c-section our son came out with his cord wrapped around his body 3x and a small knot and so the OB was very thankful she didn't push for a VBAC with me as it would have ended in an emergency c-section anyways! I had NST's twice a week for the past month and he never showed any signs of distress and my last ultrasound was clear, so he had to have done it in the last few weeks!

I'm not trying to scare you to stay with your c-section as I think it is a very personal decision and one which no one can decide for you!

The only thing I truly feared was the pain that comes with the c-section! Stick to the pain medications is the best offering I have. With my first "emergency C-section" I healed qucikly and didn't have any complications other than the spinal headache from the failed epidural (from labor)! My 2nd (though nerve wracking) was uneventful and again healed pretty quickly, but didn't take pain medications and so did prolong getting out and about! This time is going well.

Only suggestions I have is know your timelines to when your foley and IV come out and try not to get too frustrated if they don't come out exactly when you expect, also expect to have side-effects from the pain medications they load into the epidural before surgery. They used duramorph in my last two and it caused terrible itching and benadryl is a must! Get on the benadryl fast and keep up with it (nothing like constantly itching while breastfeeding)!

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer. Also, speak your fears to your OB, they can help you calm them or change your mind! I find the OB's in my area are Pro-VBAC and will try to convince you to go that route, but they also repect your opinion and that is what matters most to me "a doctor that listens to their patients!"

Take care and good luck!

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Mon, 01-03-2011 - 1:05am

Thank you ladies for all the wonderful responses. I actually feel better about it now. I spoke to my doctor and discussed my fears.


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Tue, 01-04-2011 - 8:35am

mrsgregory....I'm a little nervous about the big day too...not so much about the c-section part but the spinal part.