BTDT ladies- How did you know...

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BTDT ladies- How did you know...
Mon, 12-20-2010 - 11:36am

... you were really in labor?

Please share your story with the ladies here that will be experiencing it for the first time.

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Mon, 12-20-2010 - 3:15pm

Great question, Kristy! Thanks for asking it!

The night before I had my son, I went to bed with low cervical cramps that felt exactly like a period was coming on. Knowing that it could be something, or nothing, and that in either case missing sleep would prove fruitless and unhelpful, I went to sleep, with a "wait and see" attitude.

By the middle of the night they had progressed to enough discomfort, now rhythmic, that it was waking me, and again, with the "wait and see" attitude, knowing my DH might still have to go to work in a few hours if this wasn't the Big Day, I moved downstairs to the couch, to rest the best I could until and unless it proved impossible.

By the wee hours, it was impossible, and I found I couldn't stand lying down anymore, and felt much better leaning over on hands and knees during each one. Sometime between 4 and 5, I called my midwife, who timed them. By then I found it helpful to groan into pillows with each one. Between, I was fine, and excited!

She said she'd be there around 10 that morning... and I waited as long as I could contain my excitement, til about the stroke of 6, to wake my DH and tell him the news, then got a huge energy rush and went buzzing about, washing dishes and getting breakfast, and generally being totally jazzed between contractions, stopping to groan through each one, with my forehead on the counter, knees partly bent and spread, fanning my legs through it, then resuming activities til the next one. I had him at 1:41 that afternoon, and the water never broke... his head emerged in an intact sac, which made the whole labor and pushing much ladies, if your water doesn't break, consider it lucky! Laboring standing up and leaning over is also very helpful for progress.

The funny thing is, I have now been having those low, rhythmic, cervical "period" cramps since last night... and have heard from many of you here on the board, that this can indeed go on for days or even weeks before birth! So knowing that is helping me keep a level head about it, though I did get really excited at first. Now it's more "wait and see".

If and when they get strong enough that I don't feel comfortable talking through them, and/or need to groan and bend over through them, I am calling the midwife right then.

Hope this helps!



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