Fun-Filled Activities for Toddlers!

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Fun-Filled Activities for Toddlers!
Fri, 02-22-2013 - 11:39am

Your toddler is growing more capable -- and curious -- everyday, so keep her entertained with one of these fun-filled, imaginative activities.

Keep 'Em Busy! 11 Fun Activities for Toddlers-

What are some of your toddler's favorite activities?

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Sat, 02-23-2013 - 10:44am

My little Snow Pea loves to color and draw.  It doesn't matter...pen, pencil, crayons, markers, sidewalk chalk...he loves it all.  and he usually insists that either mommy or daddy color too!!  Our latest art project was some (very late) thank you cards for his birthday and christmas.  We thought it was cuter and more thoughtful to have him make his thank you cards!