Helped my VERY pregnant friend get her wish!

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Helped my VERY pregnant friend get her wish!
Sun, 07-24-2011 - 5:57pm

And it was such a wonderful thing!

She wanted a Blessingway (also called Mother Blessing) this time (she's expecting #3 very soon) and I was able to do it for her today!

We had it at her midwife's house and office, and I brought her requested favorites of Thai red chicken curry (with rice noodles) and veggie sushi, that I made this morning and brought over hot and ready to serve, and we enjoyed an excellent meal before going upstairs to give her massage, feed her Belgian chocolates, to candles and nice music, and then I did a henna design on her belly!

It was really loving and very nice, an intimate and heartfelt way to honor and pamper the mother.

I could hardly believe how beautiful she looked. Radiant wasn't even enough to describe her.

I'm going to give her an amber teething necklace for her baby gift, when the baby's just so exciting, I had tears in my eyes and she did too. What a lovely day!



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That is so awesome Meg.

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Love it!

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That sounds so lovely Meg!