How's Your Holiday Prep Coming Along?

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How's Your Holiday Prep Coming Along?
Fri, 12-16-2011 - 10:44am

Wrapping, shopping, baking, decorating... there is always SO much to do this time of you!

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Sun, 12-18-2011 - 10:26am
Behind schedule and over budget, as usual! Good thing I'm not running a business, though I could be great in politics! LOL
Still haven't gotten my mother and sister their presents, and my plans for non-materialism are up in flames, because the mother, sister, and MIL are all bringing lots of Stuff regardless.
A bit stressed, but not too badly, because I'm not trying to impress anyone, just trying to enjoy life a little as we go instead of seeing it as a buildup to some grand finale. Christmas Day isn't the only thing of importance, and we want to see the Muppet Movie, make the gingerbread house, and maybe go bowling or ice skating together.
The hardest part is how hard it is to keep up with normal chores of cooking and cleaning, when there's another adult who wants to talk and interact a lot during the day, and we have activities planned.



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