Its my lunch hour! Hurry up!

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Its my lunch hour! Hurry up!
Thu, 05-20-2010 - 8:37pm

I went in for a dating ultrasound today since when I went for my first prenatal visit last week, we couldn't see the fetal pole. My appointment was scheduled for 11:45 and finally at 12:40, I was called back into the exam room. The nurse didn't weigh me, take my bp, or anything else before she left me in the ultrasound room. When my doctor showed up 5 minutes later he said, "what are you doing, get undressed!" I laughed at him, because he's a pain the rear and we have a fairly contentious love/hate relationship: I loved him when my daughter was in distress during delivery two years ago, but hate having to deal with his ego. He doesn't like that I tried to kick him in the head during labor (he has good reflexes and ducked, so its all good).

Anyway, so he sent me to the bathroom to empty my bladder since we would be doing a vaginal ultrasound, and told me to meet him back in the room after, undressed from the waist down. Fine. On the way back from the bathroom, I saw him headed toward his desk to grab his lunch, so I hopped on the scale to check my weight and he said, "what are you doing? Its my lunch hour. Hurry up." He was laughing and I was laughing and it was all good, and when I got back in my room, I stripped my shorts off, hopped up on the table, and was in the stirrups when he arrived. He was laughing so hard when he saw me ready to go. He asked me what I was doing and I said, "you told me to hurry up!"

Good news is we saw the baby and the heartbeat but the bad news is, I have to deal with my pain in the rear OB for the next 8 months! I don't trust him as far as I could throw him, he doesn't think my idea of natural labor and birth fit into his schedule well, he's always an hour late in his appointment schedule, he'll fight me all the way through labor to give me pit or try to break my water, but in an emergency, he's the person I would want to save my and my baby's life, if need be.