Ok, so she's not going to school, after all!

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Ok, so she's not going to school, after all!
Mon, 08-20-2012 - 3:22pm

Now I wish I hadn't announced to anyone that she was going to try school. Argh.

Glad it's all settled, finally, but my daughter begged to be let to continue homeschooling after getting more taste than she liked, of filling in bubblesheets and doing worksheets.

I was really caught off guard, because her assessment and enrollment was 2 days later, and we had all already adjusted to the idea of her going to school.  I even bought her a really pretty Hakoya bento box, shipped right from Japan, to take for school lunches (this one: http://www.jbox.com/product/TPP116 ) and I guess we can pack it for her for outings, sleepovers, daytrips, etc.

Once the dust settled and my husband and I talked and came to the consensus of going with the original plan to homeschool, I was glad that we are going to go ahead with previous plans to study the Soroban (Japanese Abacus for a whole-brain approach to mental math and speed math), keep on working on the traditional cursive she has just about mastered, instead of the vertical cursive they do in school, and firm up the plans I had for a wonderful homeschool year.

I still have to compare schedules and make decisions about what else she'll be doing, but piano lessons and pursuing a serious interest in rocks and minerals, and making a serious effort at expanding her social circle by meeting more homeschoolers and also doing something like scouting or trying 4-H again, are high on the list.



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