potty training anyone?

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potty training anyone?
Wed, 08-15-2012 - 5:03pm

Has anyone started to potty train your snow pea?  I am thinking Caitlynn is ready since she has an extreme interest in the toilet and because she is taking her diaper off!  I went into her room the other morning, I heard her playing around but I was feeding my DS, so after I was done went into her room, she had her pants pulled off, her diaper off and had peed in the bed!  Then last night while she was doing her usual hour and a half scream before actually falling asleep I went into her room and she had pulled the sheets off the bed, her pants and her diaper.  Do you think this is an indication she might be ready?

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Fri, 08-24-2012 - 9:28pm
I'd love to potty train Leela but like Meg said, I'm not ready to run to the potty at the drop of a hat! I don't think Leela is ready anyway though, but she is interested in the potty some. She'll tell me when she needs a clean diaper, and then sometimes after wiping her she tells me "pah-ee! pah-ee!" and she goes and sits on her big sister's potty seat and grunts away for a few minutes. Haha, it cracks me up, but nothing ever comes out.

I'll probably wait for summer next year so she can run around in just a dress outside, or even another 6 months from now. It WOULD be nice to be done with her diapers before her little brother shows up, but it's also so nice when they're beyond ready on their own and you basically go from diapers to nothing but undies overnight.
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Mon, 08-20-2012 - 4:18pm
Sounds like it!
i've had 1 trained at 2 because I didn't ever know any different and just assumed that's when I was "supposed" to. The next, was done with dipes at 19 months.
This one, was on the big potty for our vacation when he was 16 months (by his own little choice!) but since then, sometimes wants to sit on the potty, and sometimes doesn't.

I don't know when I will do the one-week at-home pottying clinic with him that I did with my other two, but I know he's been "ready" for a long time...it's just I who am not quite ready, to spend that week changing his notion away from diapers to only the potty, and then spending the next couple of weeks keeping him dressed in regular clothes, no diapers or pullups, and taking him to the potty religiously every 2 hours around the clock, to prevent accidents til the habit sets up firmly.

Right now, if he were in cloth, he'd have been out of them by now! LOL
My biggest issue is not whether he's ready, so much, but whether I am, and I may be a lot lazier about it this time, because being so punctual about taking him to the potty is easier than washing poopy cloth diapers, but when it's disposables, it's easy to keep thinking now isn't that perfect time to take it on.



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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 3:22pm

I'm not even thinking about potty training yet.  Trey does have to be in the bathroom any time I am.  And he is interested in and scared of the potty all at the same time.  He does wake up from naps dry which is an indicator but I don't think he has the communication skills yet to quite make it.  We will wait another 6 months or so before even thinking about trying it with him.  I don't have any experience with porry training typical kids.  I've potty trained a couple of autistic kids at age 4 where I work, but that is a whole different thing.  Sorry I'm not much help!  Good Luck and let us know how it goes if you try.  :smileyhappy:

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 9:52am
Hi Rhonda,

It sounds like Caitlynn is showing some of the signs of being ready! Have you visited the Toilet Teaching & Beyond topic here on iVillage yet? You may want to stop by and ask over there too. The members are very knowledgeable and they were so helpful when I was training my son. They may have some insight and ideas to share with you should you decide to move forward with training her now. Best of luck to you!

Toilet Teaching & Beyond- http://forums.ivillage.com/t5/Toilet-Teaching-Beyond/ct-p/iv-pspotty

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