Rehashing Mama Misquez' sex talk thread:

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Rehashing Mama Misquez' sex talk thread:
Sat, 02-12-2011 - 2:07pm

Who has gone for it, and who hasn't? How was it, or how long do you think you'll wait?

TMI: DH and I tried it last week, and I was really surprised to find that the heart was willing but the flesh wasn't cooperating. Too dry. Can't use KY either, it irritates me. We miss each other for closeness, but this time, neither one of us is really feeling sexual yet. I guess it's different each time, go figure.



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We tried it at about 3 weeks and I have the same problem. TOO dry.

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nothing here. My DH wasn't at all into to while I was preggo either, so it has been a LONG while here. Anyway, I'm still taking Motrin occasionally for pain, so I'm not even tempted to try anything!

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We did it a couple of days ago for the first time.

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9w2d out and nope nada here.. course the guy im seeing is thousands of miles away in the stan and ya.. oh well..

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We resumed things at 2 weeks pp and are back to as normal a schedule as baby will allow.