Stomach Flu (Yuck!)

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Stomach Flu (Yuck!)
Tue, 05-24-2011 - 8:36am
We all got hit with a really nasty stomach bug, and poor baby Ronan caught it, too. I called his ped. and they recommended Pedialyte, which I thought was weird. Has anyone else ever given that to a baby as young as 4 months (his 4 month b-day is today, too!) He's doing 100 percent better today, I just never knew that about the Pedialyte, I thought it was for older babies.
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Wed, 05-25-2011 - 9:29pm
Oh yes, we had the stomach virus too! It was pretty awful, every bottle was coming up and I was thinking it was the formula I had to use because they were out of the one that dfs was on. I had just gotten him two days prior and we had to special order it, but anyhow.....
I found out about the Pedialyte and gave it to DJ with a dropper. He was so fussy and I pretty much held him the entire 8 hours until we could try a bottle again . The regular medicine syringes were too large for him, so I had to use the smaller CC dropper.
My other children were breastfed, and one benefit I had was that we could keep on feeding through a virus like that.
It is sooo hard when they are so sick like that!

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Thu, 05-26-2011 - 8:26pm
I don't know about the pedialyte. I would only give it if he is dehydrated. It has lots of sketchy ingredients. You could also try organic coconut water, but I think coconuts can be an allergen so I would google using it for babies. Great for big people though. And sorry you are dealing with this. Yuck!


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