There's only 1 bean!!!

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There's only 1 bean!!!
Tue, 06-08-2010 - 3:10pm

We had our first check up today! I had been really nervous that there could be twins. My OB came in and immediately (for no reason) started talking about twins. She said she was certain (again for no reason) that I was going to have twins this time around. BUT......we had an ultrasound and there was one healthy little baby. Strong heartbeat and we could see the arms moving.


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Tue, 06-08-2010 - 7:36pm
YAY! Congratulations! How odd that the doctor thought you were having twins!

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Tue, 06-08-2010 - 9:25pm
Yeah! I just love seeing those first few images of the baby on the ultrasound - they're so precious. Congrats on the great appointment!



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