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OK ladies. I seriously need some help. I went in today for my first appt

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Oh my goodness!

First of all, breathe! Second, whether you're carrying one baby or two, I'm sure everything will work out fine. You and your DF will figure it out as you go, and you'll learn to manage.

Keep us posted on your follow-up ultrasounds!



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Don't go too crazy yet! LOL

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I am young - only 23, just got married! Had DS when we had JUST turned 20.. so I know the panic of being young and just getting your feet planted in the ground.. but seriously, there are so many resources if you look! It might be best to work this pregnancy where you can (even if you don't plan to go back.) I was always a SAHM and now I'm working to get a paid mat leave (in Canada its a year) then Im not going back. But, you can live off of DF's $ like you are, and use yours for things that will help - a double/triple stroller.. the car seat (hand me down from your DS.. so at least you'll have one ;) Etc.. and maybe even look into cloth diapering. I cant beleive the difference.. the start up cost seems large (anywhere from $300 or more) but in the long run its MUCH MUCH cheaper.. you can get all in one sizes that you can use on ALL three kids.. Granted, you might need to wash a load everyday.. but it'd still be cheaper in the long run to use those then 3 kids in disposables.

Take advantage of sales, and places in your area that offer groups, recycled kiddie clothes, mat clothes... etc.. find the resources and that will make a big difference. And when you need hlep, don't be afraid to ask! :)

Keep your chin up.. and remember, the beauty part for us is when we're in our young-40's we'll have adult children and we'll still be young enough to enjoy travelling etc. ;) (That wasn't meant as an insult to older Moms.. but just a pick me up for the younger ones. I think Moms of all ages are awesome!! :)!!)

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thank you ladies so much!

My immediate family was suprised when I told them and of course they are happy but couldnt belive I would have twins. My Grandpa was a twin and my Great Uncle was a twin as well. both fraternal. from what we could see the sacs looked right next to each other. Again, I am not completely sure it was twins but I saw it first and my midwife saw it as well. twins run in DF family too. his sister has fraternal daughters and I cant remember but I know both his mom and dad both have twins on their sides of the family as well. I really love Ivillage and all the supportive moms. It really gives you someone to talk to in time of need when no one else can really help. thanks again!!!

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If this helps any at all, as recently as the 70's, you wouldn't have been considered "too young" at all, twins or not. In fact, when my mother was an Army wife in 1970-75, she was a real oddity, because she was 25 when she had her first, and 27 when she had me, and all the other wives thought she was practically ancient, because many of them were getting hysterectomies at 20 and 21, because they had married at 17 or 18, (some younger!) and had "completed their families" by that age. And, back then, they didn't realize that there could be health consequences to hysterectomy that young.

Anyway, attitudes about maternal age have very little to do with biological reality, and you are in your reproductive prime, so good for you! I wish I had met my DH younger. We still struggled, and we were both over 30 with our first, so being older doesn't necessarily mean financial stability, especially these days. What it does mean, usually, is more likelihood of impaired fertility, and/or complications. I intend to tell my daughter, that if she has Mr. Right, don't wait til 30 to start, just because. I'm 37 and wishing ardently I were 10 years younger, because I am feeling the difference.

Hugs to you, and try to keep the perspective, that in recent times here, and in other cultures now, women your age have several children and no one, including themselves, thinks they are not up to the task. You were built for this, and your energy levels and ability to handle it physically, will never be better than they are now! You CAN do it! :)



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Big hugs to you, and congrats!