Ugh! Long rant - no one to talk to...

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Ugh! Long rant - no one to talk to...
Thu, 09-09-2010 - 1:17am
Having a really down day... why me...
I know baking a baby my body is supposed to gain - I get that but I work so so hard at trying to get thin and I was doing so well with training for a marathon and everything halted at 8 weeks because we found out we were preggers with Miss Scotlyn Isabella.
I am eating pretty well - I don't think I am overindulging AT ALL yet it seems like once i hit the 20 week mark EVERYTIME my stupid body just blows me up like a stupid balloon and I HATE it!
I wish I could be one of those mommies just once that just had the baby bump and the rest of their body didn't explode like a darn overflowing cake pan.
Sigh.... and I wish maternity clothes weren't so darn ugly and unflattering. I was so proud I was still wearing my pp jeans - but yesterday those even felt a bit snug in the thighs. Sigh.. and I donated all my maternity clothes from my previous pregnancies - went out and bought a few things but I don't want to overbuy in maternity clothes b/c I won't need them again. Can I just live in jammies for the next 5 months and still feel good?? Very likely not...
sigh -- help -- any other similar sentiments?
I think I had slight ppd with my daughter and these feelings are really getting to me and the thought of three is sometimes overwhelming me and I worry that I may get ppd again - especially since I am so alone up here and all my family is 5 hours away.. and we have no intention of moving back south anytime soon. Which irritates me.
Sorry for my long rant.. if you read - thank you. I just needed to write out my feelings somewhere in hopes I could refocus on the positive things.
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Thu, 09-09-2010 - 7:54am

((HUGS))...I am friendly with a few runners online that are pregnant and they were serious dieters/ healthy before conceiving and they are struggling seriously with their weight. One friend's doctor even sid it seems those people actually gain the most weight on their bodies and if you can wrap your mind around it to try to calm because you will lose it soon after and feel good again soon.

That being said I have similar body issues and it really gets me down some days. I definitely had the PPD after DD and I feel like I know better now and could see it coming and possibly try to do mind over...I guess mind. When you are in the situation it is totally different though. Sleep deprived, the stresses of a newborn.

I am sorry there is no one around for you! We are here and you can always talk to us and we will be here after baby too!

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Thu, 09-09-2010 - 9:18am

I'm sending big (((HUGS))) your way, too...

I totally know how you feel!

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Thu, 09-09-2010 - 11:16pm

If you were really thin and low-body-fat, you may be gaining more, because you had more to gain, to have a healthy pregnancy from your starting point, in terms of body composition.

My mother was seriously underweight when pg with me (not by her choice, horrible spouse who pretty much starved her) and she ended up with toxemia and I ended up barely surviving a very premature birth. You probably are nowhere near that thin, nor unhealthy at all! Just wondering if there is a greater change in body weight for ladies who start out on the thin side, and that change can seem more overwhelming?

Very sorry for the emotional and body-image stress this is causing, and hope you will find a happy resolution soon. Try to be easy on yourself; after all, your body is gearing up for something very different from running marathons, and in fact, you couldn't safely do so in your current state, so it makes perfect sense not to still be in shape to do that. You are getting into shape for a completely different, but also very important, purpose!

Hugs! Whereas I can't 100% sympathize, I do partly, because I had just decided to go back to the dojo, where I pursued a serious martial arts and wrestling interest years back, when I got pg this time. It will have to wait, but it's worth it. I'm having my 3rd also.



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Sun, 09-12-2010 - 1:18am

Awww.. do I totally relate to how you feel?! YES!
I had just barely began an exercise program right after spring semester ended to get my body back in shape. I wasn't going to be having any more kids, and I wanted my body back!
... then we found out we were expecting. The exercise program went out the window. Since I no longer own a gallbladder, I can eat what I want this pregnancy (I was restricted to a

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Sun, 09-12-2010 - 4:36pm
Ok so I'm not in the best of shape nor was I before getting preggo with either kids. I just turned 21 yesterday and this is the second baby. I had a great body senior year of high school and was with DF since Junior year. well for a graduation present my mom took us to germany for 6 weeks. the only thing it was sooo expensive and we didnt have the money to do much. My aunt is a big girl and loves to cook and makes amazing food! My normal body weight is 135-140 and I am 5'5" so when we got back from germany I weighed 155lbs. A month later I find out Im pregnant. I gained 40 lbs in my pregnancy and only lost 20 after DS was born. I love being pregnant but hate shopping for clothes. I know exactly how you feel on the ugly materinty clothes. I still buy regular clothes just in bigger sizes. Currently I am 173. I had lost 10lbs from ms and I will admit I was happy about that but worried about gaining 8lbs of it back and I am only 20 weeks! I dont wanna gain more than 8lbs more but I doubt that will happen. Our scale is in storage so I cant weigh myself everyday which is a good thing cuz I would drive myself nuts. Just keep trying to eat healthy and maybe walk 30 mins everyday to keep in shape. Its ok to indulge sometimes just not all the time. Also keeping yourself busy helps you not to snack as much. Hope this helps. ((hugs))


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Mon, 09-13-2010 - 1:17am
Thank you to all of you who responded. It's great to know I am not alone.
I too wasn't my at my ideal weight it was something I chose to work towards in the Spring when that plan derailed. I feel bad for feeling so horrible about the weight gain thing - I know it's what our bodies need to do so that babes are healthy. But, I wish just once I didn't balloon.
I am now in my 22nd week and it feels as though I have just blown up. I was fitting into my pp jeans up until 2 weeks ago, and tried my Joe's on today and there definitely not going to be comfortable anymore.
I have an urge to go to the gym and easily work out on the elliptical during the day - but I haven't gone yet. I have my in-laws in town visiting and I find it very hard to duck out and just go. I had a dr appt last week and I think my gain was 9. .
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Tue, 09-14-2010 - 2:33pm

If it makes you feel more positive about it all, your body doesn't have to never get back into shape again, after having a baby. You don't want to push too hard too soon after, but I was never particularly in shape until I was an adult, and then not until I was turning 30!

Started a family at 31.. and pretty much blimped after my first child, but then found out I was insulin resistant, and made a commitment to walking and to regular strength training, and a low glycemic, low carb lifestyle, and had a super healthy 2nd pregnancy and stayed in shape through it even though I got a nice big basketball belly... and after the newborn period, I did get back into shape, more strength training, resistance workouts, etc, and was slimmer and more muscular than I had ever been!

So this time, though I am far from that level of physical conditioning, it's good to know, that fitness is a state of being which happens over time, and it's not all or nothing, and if you lose it once, that doesn't mean it has to stay gone forever.

You can get your fitness levels back again, later. Cheers!



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