Was that amber teething necklace really working?! It's going back on, and we'll see!

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Was that amber teething necklace really working?! It's going back on, and we'll see!
Sun, 04-10-2011 - 8:52pm

Thanks, vtamanda, for making me realize that James has been wearing a Baltic Amber teething necklace all this time! Because DH asked me to take it off him yesterday, and it's been off since, and today was the WORST teething nightmare! Sour mucousy stools, bucketloads of drool soaking the baby's shirt, my shirt, the floor, etc, and screaming and crying practically every second he was awake today. UGH!!!

I was just about to come post that I found out that teething has been said anecdotally to cause such sour-smelling, off-color stools, (which I never knew before but totally fits) when I saw vtamanda's post in reply to my latest pics of James, mentioning his amber teething necklace, at which point I realized I never did put it back on again.

Before, he was teething, but it was easy teething, just drool (but nowhere near this much) and chomping things, but nothing like this misery he was in today. Who knows, he may still do it if i put the necklace back on, but if he doesn't, I will be kind of impressed.

It wouldn't be conclusive, but I would just as soon leave it on!

For those wondering, Baltic Amber necklaces have been an old folkloric tradition for easing teething pain, and apparently baltic amber (a tree resin) gives off small amounts of succinic acid. Succinic acid is a part of the normal KREBS cycle of energy metabolism in cells, but has anti-inflammatory properties. So there is at least a shred of science behind the old tradition maybe having merit. So I tried it. And thought the necklace was pretty, and a nice conversation piece and heirloom item, but thought nothing more of it. I didn't really expect it to make any discernable difference.

But if I put it back on, and we don't have any more of this,



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I've never heard of this before so keep us posted about whether it works or not.

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Too funny, because I was just on an airplane a couple days ago and woman across from me had a 10 month old on her lap. I got talking to her her and he was wearing a necklace. Come to find out, it was an amber bead necklace and it was for teething. She had been using it since almost birth. She swore by it. I was going to look into get one for each of the boys. She started with a anklet and then moved to a necklace.
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So how is it going? And, where did you get yours?


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