We have a healthy baby and it's a....

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We have a healthy baby and it's a....
Thu, 09-02-2010 - 11:08am

BOY!!!! He looked perfect. We were so happy to see everything measured and looked good and got lots of pictures from our awesome sono tech.

Here is one 3D picture of his cute face!

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Thu, 09-02-2010 - 12:17pm
So cute! He looks like his sister!
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Thu, 09-02-2010 - 10:42pm
omg! what a great pic you have. You can prolly tell who he looks like with a pic like that! Congratulations!!!
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Fri, 09-03-2010 - 8:42am

Congrats! What a cool picture. So happy for you. Is your little girl ready to be a big sister?