This is weird: I now get pain when talking on a cell phone...

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This is weird: I now get pain when talking on a cell phone...
Sun, 08-14-2011 - 1:05pm

And I am just not sure what to do, besides just not talk on the cell phone or my cordless home phone, anymore, and try to stick only to the corded landline. I looked online, and was surprised to see a lot of other people asking the same question, or having the same problem, and a lot of people seem to give the same replies, things along the lines of "you must be talking too long and it's ear fatigue" (nope, not in a 2 minute conversation) or "you must have the volume up too high" (again, definitely not the problem, at least for me) or "you must be nuts/it's your imagination" which I have no reply to, except that I don't go around imagining things that aren't there, in any other context.

At first, it was really mild, and became noticeable after 10-15 minutes. Now, it starts within a very short time, like 30 seconds or so, and the pain is no longer so mild that I can pass it off as some fluke or possibly just ear fatigue, and then lingers a while.



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