What do you think about Mother's Day, now that you are one?

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What do you think about Mother's Day, now that you are one?
Thu, 05-05-2011 - 4:29pm

Just wondering. Do you like it and look forward to it, or not? What do you typically do for your own mom, and what do you get done for you? First time Mothers, what do you think of it?

Me, at risk of being a curmudgeon, I kind of agree with Andy Rooney about all the little special Days cluttering up our calendar. Every time you turn around, it's Something Else Day. I'm good with just a few major holidays. Cards are not something I keep (seriously, am I supposed to keep a box somewhere, where I stow a lifetime's worth of every card I've ever received? Sorry, for letters I would, but not mass-produced greeting cards) to me, there's not $5 worth of anything in a card that says something generically heartfelt. I'd actually rather my hubby showed up with a six pack of Guinness for us to split while watching MST3K.

I don't want to go out to dinner, though a thin crust cheeseless Super Supreme from Pizza Hut sounds good along with the Guinness and MST3K.

Flowers, I got already. My bulbs are in bloom, and I have pink and purple Darwin Hybrid tulips and sweetly scented narcissus, in vases indoors, as well as outside, so I'm good. ;)

As for my mom, I'll have to ask her what she wants.



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My siblings took my parents to dinner tonight to celebrate.

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I'm looking forward to my first Mother's Day. My husband and I are going to the park with our baby boy for a picnic. DH and I will picnic while Trey watches the birds and stares at the trees. I don't do anything for my mother because we are not on good terms, but we always call my DH's mom and send her a card. My hubby already gave me flowers as a combination Mother's Day, anniversary surprise (Our anniversary is today). It is nice to finally have a special day that is all mine in our family. My DH and I share a bday, so every holiday is shared but mother's and father's day!