YAY!! Ivillage is BACK!!

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YAY!! Ivillage is BACK!!
Sun, 09-05-2010 - 11:08pm

It appears that JUST today ivillage has significantly sped up and gone back to its pre-super slow ways. It was driving me nutty waiting for pages to load up but it's super fast now!

Does anyone else notice this??


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Mon, 09-06-2010 - 11:00pm
I'm glad it's super speedy for you! It's always fast for me, and I don't notice a difference! I hope with the new changes it's way fast for everyone!

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Tue, 09-07-2010 - 2:31pm

Let's see... I will post this reply, and if it posts pretty much instantly instead of waiting 2 minutes to review and refresh, then another 2 minutes to post, that will be a huge relief. I had pretty much gone to CafeMom because they are fast and have pretty much everything iVillage has including some great and super-active natural parenting and homebirth boards, which last time I checked here, were crickets chirping...
But if iVillage is back in the running, I am back too.

It has sentimental value to me; been doing iVillage expecting clubs since 2004!



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