9-11, Bin-Ladin, and pregnancy

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9-11, Bin-Ladin, and pregnancy
Mon, 05-02-2011 - 5:32pm

A coincidence... about a month before I gave birth to my first, the World Trade Center Towers were hit. Now, a little over two months before my last is due, the man who planned it was killed during capture.

I'm glad that they finally captured him (and that we don't have to go through a dragged out trial), but I find myself somewhat sobered by the coincidence.


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Tue, 05-03-2011 - 5:56pm
What a weird coincidence!

I'm glad we don't have to go through a trial process as well. The night the news broke out, people around town were setting off fireworks and there was a huge party in the college part of town. From what I heard, there were about 1000-2000 students there.
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