Breast Feeding and starving!! Plus sweet cravings every day :P

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Breast Feeding and starving!! Plus sweet cravings every day :P
Tue, 07-19-2011 - 3:16pm

Funny i had no cravings or at least i pretty much fought them off pregnant..Now breast feeding i am so famished!! i know i need more calories now than pregnant..Every day i crave cereal like crazy (eat it at least twice a day now) and chocolate like crazy...Nutella omg..i am addicted!! Anyone else???

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Well, for me it is not so much due to breastfeeding as due to the fact that the baby is OUT!!! For me, one of the things I have discovered is that literally the moment that the baby comes out I become ravenous!

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You are not alone in the famished category. I am super starved during the day and cant seem to eat enough to keep full. I just sit and feed faizan almost all day (he now weighs an even 8lbs!!! had his 2 week check up today) and man does he eat ALOT like other ds.

I have a nice stock pile of granola bars, quaker oats bars ect. I Need string cheese and stuff bt i need FOOD@
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OMG!! Me too! I forgot how hungry I get when I am BFing! Preggo huunger does not even compare to this! I am also craving chocolate - as a matter of fact, DH just got back from the store, I had him pick me up some chocolate cake! :D

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oh my gosh I am JUST DYING FOR SWEETS it's horible! They make me feel like complete crap so I dont know why I am craving them!!

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I have been craving sweets too! I'm ashamed to say that I finished off an entire carton of oreos by myself less than a day after buying it... I think I need to stay away from the oreos. They're too addicting! lol

It's a good thing bf burns so many calories. I might be in trouble if it didn't. ;)
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