I need to seriously VENT........over whelmed......exhausted.....HELP:(

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I need to seriously VENT........over whelmed......exhausted.....HELP:(
Wed, 02-15-2012 - 12:35pm

I Hope that you girls are having a good februaury!!

I cannot beleive our BB are 7 months old geeze a lou.

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I am so sorry hun. I can't imagine! I hope you're able to get some help and rest soon!
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I am so sorry. I hope things get better.

I instituted chores for my kids (the oldest is 7 about to be 8) after a long discussion about how we are a family so everyone needs to help around the house. They put away dishes, clear the table, sort laundry, etc. Maybe you could tell them they need to help out more and maybe let them earn tv time or computer time or whatever they like if they help for the week.

Another thought is maybe having a high schooler come over after school for a couple hour to entertain the kids so you can get somethings done around the house. I had a wonderful girl come by twice a week after I had the baby and it was a lifesaver. It gave the kids someone to play with and it freed me up to take care of the baby or nap or house work.

I would also personally just take a day and not do anything other than the bare minimum (like dishes and cooking) and enjoy your kids, relax, and maybe sneak a nap in. All the mess and laundry will be there the next day and hopefully, you will feel a little more refreshed to handle it all.

I really hope everyone stays healthy, you feel better, and that your husband wakes up and helps you!
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Thanks girls!!! <3

Here is the kicker my DD will be 14 in 9 days and DS will turn 7 in march. They are so old enough to know what needs to be done and HELP!!

I have called a "family meeting" and talked to everyone (DH too) and the help lasts maybe a day or two then it trails off as if I never said anything.

I should not have to beg and cry for help. I should not have to get my a$$ chewed and lectured about how the house has not looked the same over the past few weeks, it is always cluttered and messy, the bathroom is dirty, dh complains abt how messy his office is getting from the laundry in the laundry room .

DD KNOWS she needs to fold/hang up the laundry meaning check the damn laundry room every day to see what is in there PLEASE.She also is too clean the bathroom too NOT THT DAMN HARD!!

DS KNOWS he needs vacuum the floors and dust that is the "fun" stuff.

Lastnight dh was just griping again and I just told dd that no one gives a crap anymore. and her smart a$$ come Back " Oh I dont do enough around here" and stomped off grumbling.

I flipped out N O YOU DONT> YOU PPL WORRY MOORE ABT PLAYING YOUR STUPID A$$ games or watchng freaking TV and WATCHING me CLEAN instead of getting off you butts and helping,

I am headed for a break down. I consider myself a strong person but I am in over my head and I cannot get back above water.

What can I say or do? I just get snide commnets from DH abt how I need to learn to make do with Faizzan and make things work.

Ok faizan will sit in his walker for 10 mins until he wants to be held........ok 10 mins to try to sum up energy to move as fast as i can, i am just exhausted.
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Super big hugs, sweetie!! Sounds like they all need a wake up call. My SO is super lazy and I have started to think he's become the worst sort of role model for my older kids. He does nothing around the house (well, he HAS started bringing the laundry up and down from the basement because I saw a huge spider down there and he does, at least, respect my phobia). My kids have started to take the major lazy way out of doing anything as well. For example, if I ask them to put something away in their room, they bring it up and dump it in front of their door. Or, if I ask for something to be thrown away, they can't be bothered to bring it into the proper trash in the kitchen. They cram it into the tiny trash can in the bathroom. It is sooooo frustrating, so I completely understand what you mean. SO used to be good about getting up at night with Jack, but now he just moans and groans until I end up being the one to get up and Jack isn't a great sleeper at all. He has a horrible habit of going to sleep super early, like 6:00, and I can't get him to stay up later AT ALL. This means that he usually wakes up around 12 or 1 and then is up for the day by 5. Last night was the worst in a long time. He woke up at 9 and I was up with him until after midnight. Then, he woke up for the day at 4. I had a delusional feeling that SO would get up with him at 4 and stay with him until he went to work at 6...but oh no. I got "Well, I need to get up for work in a little while. YOU have the day off so you can rest later." Right. I can "rest" later. I have two other children who do not nap.....shall I just leave a 5 and 6 year old unattended while I sleep all day?? Jerk.

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First Off, I am really sorry to hear abou your Grandma. I am sending your family many P&PT for her.

Secondly, It sounds like you are working in the right direction with putting your foot down. My DH isn't the greatest when it comes to helping out when I am sick, but he knows better than to give me grief about how the house looks!!