January Check In

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January Check In
Mon, 01-02-2012 - 8:04pm

Happy New Year's, Ladies!!

Just checking to see how many of us are still here...

Name: Jennifer (goincrazymama4)

BB Name: Abbie

BB Birthday: 7/6

How's BB doing?:She is not sleeping/ constantly cranky and I finally see signs of one tooth!! But she loves bath time and has the cutest little smile!

How are you doing?: Tired alot (see above) and feel like I don't get much accomplished..Other than that..just plain busy :p

How where your holidays?: Very good..am kinda disappointed for them to end but happy that the holiday stress is over..

Resolutions?: Too many to list..my biggest is organize, organize,organize!! And to spend more quality time with my kids..

Anything New?: Not really, Abbie doesn't have her 6 month check up till the 16th.. Can't believe 6 months ago..I was still pregnant.. Wow!!

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Mon, 01-02-2012 - 8:40pm
Name: Cheyenne (Cheyfri)
BB Name: Carsyn
BB birthday: 7/6
How's BB doing? Amazing! He now sits up on his own and is working on crawling. He is on to stage two gerber foods and loving them. He is also using a sippy cup durning that day as well. Very vocal as well. And says dada if DF isn't giving him enough attention! Lol
How were your holidays? Ok. Carsyn was very spoiled. Got DF a ps3 which keeps him occupied haha
Anything new: Carsyn doesn't have his check up till the 13th so nothing new on stats. Can't believe he'll be six months
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Hmm... I am checking in on the last day of January but I guess it is the better late than never.