Made my final decision on mode of birth...

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Made my final decision on mode of birth...
Wed, 05-11-2011 - 5:48pm
I have thought about the birth A LOT lately, and I have decided to definitely go the scheduled c-section route.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was pretty sure I'd go with another VBAC. But as time went on, my feelings started changing. When I take my history into consideration: previous c-section for FTP, VBAC with severe shoulder dystocia, large babies (this baby
is estimated to already be 4lbs 7oz at 29 weeks-much bigger than my baby who got stuck) the c-section just
makes sense.

I feel SUCH relief now. I feel like I can finally just sit back and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. I am also excited about being able to plan for the rest of my family and friends to be there! They live 2 hours away from me, so they were never able to make it to the actual birth. It'll be nice to have everyone there. It almost feels like planning a big party!

I haven't told my midwives that I have made my decision yet, but I plan to at my appointment next week. Hopefully I will be able to schedule my c-section then!


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Good for you making a decision that's right for you! I've been having mixed emotions regarding my repeat CS, but my doctor today gave me even more reasons why it really is the right choice. He said that with the complications I had from my first delivery, he'd heaving recommend me not to do a VBAC even if we thought the baby was only going to be about 8 pounds. Seeing as he's the third doctor at the practice to tell me this (only one thought I should try a VBAC) I figure they probably know what they're talking about. I wouldn't want to cause any unecessary harm to me or the LO : )

It is a nice feeling being able to know when you'll give birth isn't it? I was really hoping to schedule mine today...but maybe I'll have to wait until the next appt..

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That's great!

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Congrats on the decision,
Im still up in the air & its driving me bonkers.
Id go vaginal all the way but with 2 I dont want to chance an emer c/s
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Sam took the words out of my mouth- if you feel relieved it's a sign you've made the right decision. Congrats!
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Relief is a good thing!

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I bet it feels really good to have made a decision! I probably would have made the same decision. I can't believe your BB is already over 4 lbs!!!
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