Never-ending early labor!!

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Never-ending early labor!!
Tue, 07-05-2011 - 3:05pm

I haven't written much lately because of moving this weekend, and my DD ended up with a stomach bug and massive UTI (took two Urgent Cares and 1 Emergency Room visit for that one)!!

Soo.. I am due to go in and be induced tonight, but yesterday I finally started contractions and losing my mucus plug.. I was sooo happy, only to go into L&D and find out I was 1.5 cm (same as doctors appt. last week) and soft..despite contracting every 4 min, I did not change in an hour so they sent me home!!

Today, the contractions are there, but not on track and I have been losing more stuff... but still no progress.. I am sooo frustrated with my never-ending early labors!!

Anybody else's labors failing to progress!?

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Tue, 07-05-2011 - 3:36pm
How frustrating and disappointing. Hopefully, since you are already contracting, your induction will be easier.

I have started to have a little cramping yesterday and today. Nothing big and the only time I really notice it is when I am trying to go to sleep or not doing anything. If I am up and moving, the cramping is still there but I just don't notice it. I see the doctor tomorrow but I don't really expect much from the visit besides what I have heard the last two weeks - that as soon as I get contractions, go to the hospital.

Good luck tonight and tomorrow! I hope everything goes smoothly and easily.
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Tue, 07-05-2011 - 6:03pm

Last pregnancy - it took two days of that before it started slowly moving from 2 to 4 during the morning of the third day (the day he was born).

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Tue, 07-05-2011 - 9:00pm
How frustrating! Hopefully you can get some rest and not be driven too crazy by it!! Good luck!!

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Wed, 07-06-2011 - 11:25am
I usually start getting prodromal labor days before I go into actual labor. It's pretty annoying! I believe it was about 3-4 days of prodromal labor before the real labor finally came with my other pregnancies...

Since monday, I have been getting pretty constant cramping in my lower abdomen and back with bouts of b/h here and there. I'm hoping this means that labor is around the corner. I think my uterus is worn out from all this cramping!

Hope everything is going well with your induction!!! KUP!
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