Weirdest Dream

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Weirdest Dream
Thu, 04-07-2011 - 8:16am

I just woke up and I have to write this down before I forget it. It was so weird. I was at my sister's house and some people from work were there and a few other family members. My husband and my son were gone. I have no idea where they were. We were all sitting in the house waiting for the baby to arrive. Instead of me going into a labor, a lady actually brought me my baby! He was in a carseat. I jumped up and grabbed the carseat and was so excited to finally see my baby! When I grabbed the carseat I could somehow read the baby's mind. He said he loved me and daddy, but he loved his brother just a little bit more. I named him Coby, which I have no idea where that came from because I don't really like the name Coby! Then my alarm went off.

I'm not sure what to make of this dream. It was weird. I hate having these weird preggo dreams. I know they are just dreams but, holy hell, how does your mind make up this stuff when you are asleep? It's crazy.

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Thu, 04-07-2011 - 8:33am

lol how cute!! i don't know but i have crazy crazy dreams every night...i remember a ton of them too --- because i wake up every 1 hour to 2 hours all night long...:P

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Thu, 04-07-2011 - 11:51am

I think that there must be something in the air because I had a weird preggo dream last night.

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Fri, 04-08-2011 - 1:38am
What a funny dream!

If only labor was a matter of being handed your baby. No labor required!!!
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