What Really Happens at Daycare

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What Really Happens at Daycare
Mon, 05-20-2013 - 4:02pm

There are few parenting issues as hot-button as daycare -- is it good for kids or a glorified form of neglect? Recent studies have weighed in on both sides, saying that poor quality care can lead to behavior problems, while more nurturing, attentive environments can lead to higher test scores in grade school. But to many parents, exactly what happens in that romper room between 9 and 5 is still unclear. According to some mothers who’ve popped by unexpectedly and longtime daycare workers, a lot more goes on than you think. Some things might disturb you and others, well -- you may be pleasantly surprised.


Does your little one go to daycare?  What are your favorite things about their daycare? Have you had any less-than positive run ins with them?

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