Where is your baby sleeping ? (for moms who have had their babies)

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Where is your baby sleeping ? (for moms who have had their babies)
Mon, 07-18-2011 - 5:07pm

Baby not in the crib yet.. We are sleeping downstairs still (on sectional which isn't bad). Baby only likes to sleep in her car seat carrier. Also its easier to breast feed her on sectional (has support). I would have to lean on wall to feed baby upstairs. Also with first child, changing wasn't a big thing but Jenna (being breast fed) goes poopie and pee pee alot and it can get really messy !! Having the changing station downstairs makes me want to stay downstairs until baby is sleeping most of the night. What's everyone else doing?

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Faizan is sleeping in a basinet in our room right next to my side of the bed. He will stay in our room for a while. i am too exhusted toget up and walk anywhere in the middle of the night. Well in our case we are up from abt midnight until 4-5 am due to days and nights being messed up :)

But he is getting better. We had a few nights of some serious tummy issues, we were using formula in addition to BF, because my milk had not fully come in yet and he was not getting enough :( and the formula just hurt his tummy, we had a few nights of screaming and cryingto the point he cried himself exhausted........it broke my heart and made me cry because he was crying so hard............ so the ups and down are still coming LOL
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I can tell you what I did with my last two and my plans for this one ...

My oldest - slept in a pack n play bassinet right next to my bed until she was 6 weeks and then she went to her crib. She was sleeping great. When she became wakeful again between 4-6 mos, she began cosleeping.

With baby #2, in part largely due to the reflux mentioned in another post (it all makes sense in hindsight but we didn't know what was going on back then), she screamed anytime you put her down. She would sleep like an angel cuddled to me and nursing quite frequently. So she coslept from the beginning (even in the hospital).

For baby #1, nursery and master bedroom were both downstairs so I just changed her downstairs - but used the "changing table on the pack n play" when she was sleeping in our room.

For baby #2, master downstairs and all other bedrooms upstairs. Baby's room was upstairs, as was the changing table. But I kept a basket of changing supplies fully stocked in the master bedroom and changed her there probably more frequently than I ever did upstairs. She never really did sleep in her crib. She began sleeping upstairs with her older sister during her 3rd year - she just became a tremendously better sleeper once we started realizing there was something more serious going on wither her (it took her until age 3 to show classic reflux symptoms ... I'd mentioned it a few times to her doc who totally dismissed it as a possibility because I didn't complain about her being a difficult baby. Apparently being a patient parent who doesn't mind taking care of your infant can interfere with your doc's assessment of your baby's health).

This baby will sleep in the pack n play in our room or cosleep (depends on what works best for us this time) until sleep is solid enough that I'd only need to go upstairs 1-2X per night. If we get that kind of baby this time, I'm willing to try the upstairs crib. Otherwise, baby will stay in our room for some time.

Again - changing table upstairs. Changing basket in master bedroom for downstairs convenience.

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A mixture right now... He has been in the papasan for naps but not at night.

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She starts out sleeping in the bassinet, but around 3 or 4 in the morning she will cosleep w/ me till about 6 or 7. We were sleeping on the couch, but now we are sleeping in DD1's bed.

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During the day Ethan sleeps either in his boppy on the couch or in bed with me during the kids' nap time. At night he starts out in the bassinet and usually finds his way to our bed before morning. :)

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hi jen!

During the day, baby sleeps either in my bed, the carseat or the bouncy chair, depending on where we toss him. :-) At night it's in my bed with me - I like having him right there to watch and to be able to change & nurse when he wakes. I keep a bag of diaper supplies next to the bed, and pretty much 100% of his changes take place on my bed so far. The changing table in the kids room has not been used as yet, nor has the crib (in fact crib was just assembled when baby was 2 wks old).

For me, co-sleeping seems a big help since we are nursing, so will probably keep that up as long as manageable. I remember with baby #1 reaching a point where the nighttime nursing seemed to only be happening because baby would wake up slightly & smell me-- so that is when we moved him to his crib & he started STTN.


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At night, Oliver is doing a mixture of sleeping in his bassinet right next to my bed and sleeping in bed with me. I don't sit up to nurse him. When he wakes up in his bassinet, I lay him next to me to nurse and then we tend to fall asleep together. Co-sleeping is nice because it's like a bonding time for us. Baby cuddles are so sweet! During naps, he sleeps in his bassinet.

With my other 2 kids, they never wanted to be put down, so I coslept with them every night and held them until they fell asleep for their naps. Marshall was bad about having to nurse to fall asleep. It was awful!
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