Worst day yet :(

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Worst day yet :(
Mon, 06-13-2011 - 3:22pm

Today is my worst day yet...I just feel miserable.

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Mon, 06-13-2011 - 4:08pm

Awww, sorry you're having such a rough day.

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Mon, 06-13-2011 - 4:22pm
Awww I am so sorry you are hainvg a rotten day :(

Go home and take a nice soothing soak in the tub (easier said than done!!) and order dinner out!!! Hang in there, we are all strting to feel the pain and pressuer LOL.

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Mon, 06-13-2011 - 4:47pm

i hear you Alicia!! Although everyone thinks I look "small" the baby isn't small and is heavy (and i am measuring exactly for 36.5 weeks) and neck and back and legs and everything else are bothering me all the time. You are not alone!! I am not working either so if i was working, that's probably all i would be able to do..Its nice in the morning when your belly's not as heavy but but the end of the day, ughhh its heavy !!!

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Mon, 06-13-2011 - 7:54pm
I totally know what you mean. This week has been a miserable one for me. DD was so much easier than her brother is being. When I sleep, Aaron shifts and causes pain when I get up to use the bathroom. The pressure is a pain and really hinders my movements sometimes. Heck it feels like I am sitting on a rock sometimes because of the pressure. It doesn't help that its hot here in Kansas now and even though I am in air conditioning, I have been sweating. And uh the punching and kicking. Since Aaron has shifted, it feels like he is punching the heck out of me down below. So I know how ya feel.

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Mon, 06-13-2011 - 7:57pm

I'm sorry about how things are going for you.