How Do You Keep Santa Alive?

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How Do You Keep Santa Alive?
Wed, 11-09-2011 - 11:29am

How do you keep Santa alive for your kids?

We ask a family

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Wed, 11-09-2011 - 5:37pm

We don't practice "Santa Claus" per se, but is this really an issue for those of you that do?

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Wed, 11-16-2011 - 10:08am
I'd say as the kids get just a bit older that it is harder to keep the magic of Santa alive because not all children do have Santa in their house and their friends are beginning to have an increasing influence over their beliefs and thoughts.

I LOVE Santa for my young kids. And I don't want my 7 year old to give up on the belief just yet. One of the things we do is the Elf on the Shelf ... a lot of fun (and something that will outlive the Santa tradition ... who doesn't like a good game of hide and go seek?!)

In some years I've been able to track down a phone number where you can call and talk to Santa ... that's been pretty cool.

I do like the idea posted here about a family friend writing a letter to each kid.

I figure I've only got maybe one more year with my oldest even partially believing (although I did sense that more parents are trying to keep the tradition alive a bit longer than our own parents did). For me, by the time they really, really understand Christmas and Santa and can get into the spirit and anticipation of things, it seems you've really only got a couple of years before they stop believing.

My oldest is like me, and she'll never tell me when she no longer believes. She'll just let us continue on like she does believe, which is good because I have two smaller children, although the oldest might actually try to spoil it for the middle one by telling her the truth even though she won't tell me ... but then the middle one will come to me and tell me what her sister said, and I'll have the chance to make the middle one believe for just another a year or two. But the seed of suspicion will have been planted!
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Fri, 12-02-2011 - 3:13pm

popping in from the June board...

My husband lived in North Pole Alaska for 4 years while growing up. He has all kinds of pictures of himself and his parents outside Santas house and lots of other really neat stories that he tells our DD's. We finally

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Sat, 12-03-2011 - 2:10pm

Honestly, I'm really happy to hear that your oldest was aroudn 12 when she stopped and that your 10 year old is still hanging on a bit. I was getting really depressed thinking my six year old only has a few years left, but maybe I can push it off even longer than that. I think I'll be so sad when he stops believing-although Jack will still have a long time.

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Tue, 12-13-2011 - 7:45am

My oldest is 10 and he has known for a while that the gifts that magically appear in our backyard at this time of year are put there by Mommy and Daddy and that the disappearing stockings are because of us as well, but it has not been too big a deal.