birthing classes?

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birthing classes?
Sat, 12-18-2010 - 3:29pm
I know its really early but a pregnant friend of mine who is due in March signed for classes already and asked me to go. The class she wants me to sign up for is in January and I will be exactly 14 weeks. I'm not sure if you have to be so far along before you take it or not.

Is anyone else planning on taking a class?

I didn't with my first and had a negative experience, so I'm hoping this will help with this one.


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Sat, 12-18-2010 - 4:00pm
I only took a class with my first child. I wasn't really that impressed with it though. We pretty much discussed anatomy, the stages of labor, and pain medication options. At the end, we practiced Lamaze. Lamaze isn't my thing at all. It makes me feel kind of silly. Of course, for some odd reason, I had the attitude that labor was going to be a breeze for me. Boy was I wrong! Maybe if I wasn't such a moron, I would have gotten something more out of the class, lol.

I went with my sister and my mother, and of course the husbands. I had a blast being there with my mom and sister!

It'd be a lot of fun to go with your friend, but if you're going there to actually learn and prepare yourself for labor, 14 weeks seems way too early. I went to my class 2 months before giving birth, and I didn't remember a single lamaze technique. Oh man, when I went into labor and came to the utter realization that labor is PAINFUL, I was trying my hardest to remember those lamaze breathing patterns! lol

I'm not going to do a class with this pregnancy. Like I did with my second pregnancy, I'm going to do my own independent study on labor techniques.
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Sat, 12-18-2010 - 7:50pm

i am not taking any classes because i did with my first and i had a lousy long painful labor and it didn't help me at all..i tried to go natural and when you don't progress that doesn't work ;P

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Sun, 12-19-2010 - 11:00pm

I took a Bradley class with my first and LOVED it.

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Mon, 12-20-2010 - 8:25am

This is baby #4 and I never took classes. My nurses have always kept me doing what I needed to be doing and my doctors told me what to do during birth anyway. Again, I fully trust my doctor with this one and I trust he'll tell me what to do.

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Mon, 12-20-2010 - 11:45am
I don't think classes have a restriction on how many weeks you are, but I am guessing it would be best to take it later in your pregnancy, closer to you due date so it's fresh in your mind.

I took a class for my 1st child. Honestly, I learned nothing that I didn't already know. The breathing execises were a joke. I ended up with a c-section anyway. It was just a waste of money.

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Mon, 12-20-2010 - 8:54pm
Are you hoping for an unmedicated birth? If so I would highly recommend finding a doula in your area that offers a class. Don't take a hospital based one!

I took one at 35 weeks with my last baby and it was amazing. Had a totally natural unmedicated birth.


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Tue, 12-21-2010 - 1:16am
I think 14 weeks is a bit early-- at least because most instructors recommend you take the class past like 30 weeks along. Partially so you & the partner can remember what they teach :-)

In my experience, I'd love to go back in time, save that $250 and spend it on 2 prenatal massages. The classes told me NOTHING AT ALL that I didn't know. So if you do your own basic reading, those classes are a waste. If you tend to just be pregnant without educating yourself, then the info they teach might be very useful.