Nervous about induction..

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Nervous about induction..
Wed, 06-29-2011 - 7:29pm

At my last appointment I was only 1 1/2 cm and 30% thinned out. My doctor knows that I usually go overdue and that I have a very hard time getting past 3 without pitocin..

So, now he wants me to come in on the 5th at night to start cytotec to ripen, then pitocin.. I admit that going overdue wouldn't be so good for me, but being induced doesn't make me happy either!

Especially things I've read about cytotec (I had it during my 1st pregnancy, when I had to be induced due to low fluid after my duedate from 0) and it never worked...

I am measuring and have been measuring on track to be due on the 6th, but now I am freaking out.

Not too sure what I am looking for in writing this, just trying to get this out or trying to get advice...

Ughh..why can't things be easy, this is my last baby and she has to be just as stubborn as the others...I'm so frustrated..

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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 7:39pm

your body is more ready for labor than mine..i don't think i am effaced (have to ask next week). She said 1-2 cm dilated but cervix long still..I wouldn't go for induction since you know you're always after due date. (unless you have to for any reason) .Who will be here with me when i am still waiting for baby ? oh yeah the rest of July (mid to late). lol ..Good luck with whatever choice you make! No one is talking to me about any inducing..I am expecting i could go into labor from July 7 to July 15..

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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 11:48pm
Request cervadil instead of cytotec. I honestly didn't know anyone still used cytotec. Cervadil is used for the same purpose w/ much less risk ... jmho (which I probably would have kept to myself except that you specifically mentioned being concerned about cytotec).

And if you're really concerned about the induction, postpone it. It doesn't sound like you're at risk for a big baby. Wait for labor to begin and then augment it if it's really necessary.

Not to be on too much of a soapbox, but I think a lot of women are led to believe they won't go into labor on their own ... but the reality is they probably just don't wait long enough (particularly true if you're not to 42 weeks). But most ladies (and docs) don't want to go that long, which I totally understand. And risk does increase past 42 weeks. But back in the day - before inductions were the norm, you'd always here stories about babies being born a month late. Some women / babies just take longer!

Good luck!
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Thu, 06-30-2011 - 7:57am

I would be nervous too.

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Thu, 06-30-2011 - 8:23am

I am due before everyone at this point and baby isn't coming anytime soon and i won't be induced unless i am way overdue (whatever they allow). I am 39 weeks today!! ahhh

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Fri, 07-01-2011 - 1:08am
have u tried any natural ways to induce labour urself? e.g. checking ur own cervix, stretching it, or nipple stimulation?
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Sun, 07-03-2011 - 12:41pm
Would your doctor consider holding off a bit? EVen induced labors go much easier when your body is further along and closer to natural labor starting.

Just curious but if you've had a hard time getting past 3 cm, what else have they tried beyond pitocin? (in the past)

I agree on asking about cervadil instead of cytotec.

Why is going "overdue" bad for you? If that is a big concern then try to just appreciate that the induction/augmentation is really a blessing (even though annoying with its own risks) because it can prevent you going overdue.

I think a lot of people think of "overdue" as past the due date, but I think overdue is past 42 weeks really-- I think the "due date" is just the middle of the 4 week period when most pregnant woman would naturally give birth. - i.e. 38 weeks & 42 weeks are about equally likely as times to pops!
I also recently read that the longer the baby is inside, the healthier it is when it comes out! (weight, jaundice, less likely NICU, etc)

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Sun, 07-03-2011 - 3:53pm
I totally feel your pain! My DD was induced at 41 weeks and has ended up with developmental delays which might have something to do with her induction and resulting heartrate problems and oxygen level issues..I REALLY don't want to be induced this time but am currently 41 weeks and 3 days preggo so am running out of time. I'd like to wait until 42 weeks as long as the baby continues to do well on his heartrate checks, but my mum is staying here and has been for some while and she's anxious to get home to close on a housing contract, and my family are pressurising me to get induced which is ANNOYING! I just wish my body knew how to go into labour on it's own! But interestingly enough, my mum never had a natural labour either with me nor my sister so perhaps it's in the genes!