U/S tomorrow , will be exactly 5 wks....what should I expect?

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U/S tomorrow , will be exactly 5 wks....what should I expect?
Thu, 11-04-2010 - 1:07pm

I know that I will only be 5 weeks, they are checking for multiples as my HCG jumped from 136 at 13 dpo to 1300 at 17dpo. I'll be 21 dpo (5 weeks) tomorrow when they do it . But my question is, at 5 weeks I should only expect to see a gestational sac correct?? Maybe not even a yolk sac. So how can they expect to check for multiples , even if there is only 1 sac it could be identical twins. Any of you ladies had an earlu u/s and saw more than a sac?? What did you see at 5 weeks??

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Here's a great website that shows you a single birth, fraternal twins, and identical twins at 5 weeks.


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Hi my name is Hailee and I had an ultrasound done Wednesday and I was not 5 weeks yet. It didn't show much a sac and a little dot in the middle they said it was the start of a yolk sac which is a good sign! Hope everything goes well!

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Hayfee, we both have same EDD...:)

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Will it be a standard u/s because if thats the case you will not see so much.A vaginal u/s will certainly give a clearer picture at this stage.I can say that our 3rd pg was twins (sadly we lost one) but at 5.5weeks we needed the trans vag to tell.
Good luck and KUP :)