Zofran going well...

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Zofran going well...
Thu, 12-23-2010 - 11:36am

I have to say that now that I have taken it, I am convinced I was possessed by insanity for not seeking it before with my previous pregnancies (or being offered it)... but then I don't know that it was available last pregnancy... Of course, in honesty, I do think that I did ask about it - mentioned theforcefullness of the vomiting and

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Thu, 12-23-2010 - 12:08pm
That's awesome news!!!! Glad you can finally eat again ;)

Zofran has been out for a while now. I believe for about 20 years now. It hasn't been linked to birth defects so far.
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Thu, 12-23-2010 - 6:44pm

I have faith in the stuff too, it WORKS!! *gets on knees and bows*

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Thu, 12-23-2010 - 9:07pm
I am so glad the Zofran is working and you are feeling better!